Facebook Ads & instgram Ads - Full 2019 Guide

We're going to talk about Facebook advertising in this guide. We will start with simple basics and give advice on how to advertise your business, blog, website, products or services using Facebook. We will also give practical tips with step-by-step instructions and details on how to create your ads. We're going to talk about Facebook advertising in this guide.

As you may already know, Facebook is today's most popular social network. Facebook will reach more than 2 billion users in 2018, which is the highest number of users any social network has ever had. This network was initially limited to students from Harvard. More than half of the students began using it at the very beginning. Most students started relying on Facebook soon enough. After a while, this network was also used by other prestigious universities until it finally became public and free for all. Facebook swept the globe in just a short time and destroyed MySpace, the largest social media website to date, completely.

Facebook has changed a lot over time, finding a lot of uses, including advertising. Everybody is using Facebook today and it's no wonder people are trying to exploit this fact.

But first of all, why advertising on social media?

The number of internet users has been growing rapidly since the beginning of "the internet age" in 2000. Everyone is browsing the web today and even small children are learning at a very young age to use different gadgets with internet access. Social networks are the most frequently used online platforms and on a certain network almost everyone has at least one profile.

The combined audiences of Facebook Inc. are now over 4.37 billion Because there are so many people on social media, marketers and business organizations alike have seen marketing potential on these platforms. Since 2000, digital marketing has also grown a lot, and even social networks have adjusted and provided valuable advertising-specific social media tools.

Initially, marketers used their own methods to advertise on social media, but today there are streamlined features on social media that allow easy advertising while giving you the freedom to create your own custom ads and choose which individuals you target. Facebook is the first social media network to add an advertising system because this platform was already being exploited by many people to market themselves.

Besides being an amazing advertising system that everyone can learn how to use as it is currently the most popular social media platform around, there are always enough people to advertise to. These are the two main reasons why there is so much potential for Facebook advertising and why you should look to exploit its full potential.

Everyone advertises on Facebook, from small businesses, mid-sized businesses, to large corporations. This means that everyone can benefit from creating a marketing strategy on this social network, regardless of where they are in the industry or how big their business is. In addition, regardless of your budget, you can create advertisements that will provide you with adequate results.

1) Why is advertising so good for Facebook?

One of the unique things about Facebook is that you can also use that profile to create your own page apart from creating your profile on it. Only when you have a Facebook page can you advertise to the platform's fullest capabilities. The page can represent your company, organization, or anything else.

facebook ads guide 2019
facebook ads guide 2019

You share relevant content through this page and include all information about your services, products, brand, etc. It can be a reliable information hub that allows people to learn all about who and what you are. There are several Facebook add-ons on top of that that can turn your page into an e-commerce store. You can represent your organization in the best possible way and give all the information you need to your audience. You have the option on Facebook to direct all your marketing efforts towards your page, and that's why you can get comprehensive marketing results that you will really feel and notice.

So, let's see why you should use Facebook ads:

1) it's cost-effective, allowing you to target specific groups of people.

2) You can focus all your advertising on one brand / page.

3) It's the most popular social media network, it offers a lot of different advertising and targeting methods.

4) It is the easiest digital advertising plateform to use

2) Two type of ads

We can freely say that there are two ways you can reach people on Facebook–through paid advertising and organic advertising.

Both can be very effective, but free advertising methods naturally mean more time, more work and more knowledge invested in a campaign.

Simply put, you're going to need more time to reach people and actually market your product, service, or anything you're selling.

With paid methods, you will be able to get everything started faster, but of course, depending on the volume of your marketing needs, this means spending some amount of money. Facebook is one of the biggest players in digital advertising, indicating that social media advertising is at the forefront of the digital advertising world.

We divided Facebook advertising into these two categories simply because the paid meth chances are integrated with Facebook and made specifically for this purpose, while there are free ways to advertise something on your own without using any Facebook features.

Paid options:

-boost likes

-boost posts

-boost video views

-boost app installs

-brand notoriety

Free options:

-invite friends to like

-sharing pages

-promote valuable contents

-join relevant facebook groups

facebook ads and instagram ads 2019
facebook ads and instagram ads 2019

3) How to create your ad Account ?

You will first need to set up your ad account before doing anything.

Go to your Facebook page and see the "Add new" section on the left side where you should select "Add Accounts." The first thing you need to set up is the information about billing. You need to give a valid payment method to Facebook.

First go to the ad account setting that will have its ID, but you should insert an account name so that you know immediately for which page you use it.

Go through and fill all the spaces, make sure it's all accurate, and choose the right currency. You should also make sure you set it up properly because later you won't be able to change these things.

Then go to save and set up your billing information, then select payment methods under billing. You can choose the method of payment to be added here, i.e. credit card, PayPal or ad coupon.

Choose PayPal or credit card for starters, as there are probably no coupons available. Insert and continue with all the necessary information.

Facebook ads - Business Manager setting
Facebook ads - Business Manager setting

4) Boost your posts !

You will see the billing address at the end of each ad the next time you start creating an ad, and you can change the billing address here if necessary. In most cases, the amount of money will be checked on your account when you pay for an add on Facebook and if you have enough on it to support your ad budget, it will create your ad.

Only after the ad has expired will the amount be removed from your account. It may take 5 to 7 days before the amount is processed and removed from your account by Facebook. You're good to go and create some of your own Facebook ads once you've set up your payment method.

The easiest way to boost a post on your Facebook page is to post something, then go to your post's bottom right corner where a boost card appears. Click on it to open a new ad window.

facebook ads - how to boost posts
facebook ads - how to boost posts

You will see the "Audience" section on your left side at the top corner, where you can find several options to choose the audience you want to target with your ad. When you're there, there are three regular options you'll see:

  1. -Audiences chosen through targeting

  2. -Audiences that liked your page

  3. -Audiences that liked your page and their friend

Facebook likes to change these settings quite often, and when you open your ad window to boost posts you may not get the same settings. However, there is an option to create your own audience and choose all of this audience's specifics. Below this section you will find the section called "Budget and Duration," where you can also adjust how much you will spend on your ad per day and how long it will last or until which date. Keep in mind that you're not going to have a daily budget and you can just insert the total ad budget.

If you want to know how much money you spend on a daily basis, however, just insert the budget and the number of days you want the ad to run and divide these two. You will get an estimate of how many people your post will reach based on your target audience, their location and the budget you set.

Facebook CTA Buttons By CTA Popularity Buttons Popularity Percentage people popularity percentage On the right, you'll see what your ad looks like for both desktop and mobile users. Tune your ad as long as you can until you're sure you've struck that sweet spot. Keep in mind that your post should not contain a lot of text in your post, as your ad may not be approved by Facebook.

Furthermore, for most people, long lines of text do not usually work well and you should avoid them.

Click on the "boost" button in the bottom right corner when you're done with all these things and your ad will be sent to review and boosted fairly quickly if all is OK.

You will be able to track the results in real time and see how many people it has reached when your ad is approved and your post is boosted. In addition, if you're happy with your post boost ad and it's running out slowly, you can just click the "add more budget" button to continue your ad or reach even more people.

At the end of your boost, you can check all the important metrics like post reach, commitments, how many people clicked on your post, how many shared, and from which countries are the people who liked your post.